We started GovDesign with a single goal in mind: to help smaller communities and nonprofits create and maintain an affordable, attractive, useful website. We’re dedicated to the idea that websites don’t have to be a maze of menus and text, and they don’t have to come with a big price tag. This passion for helping communities and small organizations embrace the latest web trends is borne out of our personal experience in web design and local government service.

If you’re passionate about owning your data and displaying it in a user-friendly, accessible manner, we can help.

What sets us apart:


Personalized Service

Chris and Josh collaborate closely on each project to meet your needs.  We accurately frame our capabilities in the context of the client’s goals, and we put the time in to accomplish those goals.

While we’re both currently employed full-time, we spend evenings and weekends on GovDesign projects.  We try to make ourselves as accessible as possible during normal business hours to field questions and assist clients.

Competitive Pricing

Budgets are tight (we know firsthand). At GovDesign, our goal is to minimize the investment you need to make in order to have a website that looks great and meets your needs.

Our pricing is based on the size of your current website and the feature sets you’d like to see in a new site.  We typically offer flat pricing for a specific project scope, and hourly pricing for additional work that falls outside that scope.  This gives you the security of knowing how much your project will cost, and the flexibility to continue adding to your site.

Many web design firms composing from scratch will charge tens of thousands of dollars for a redesign – and many of their designs are very good!  Because we leverage WordPress themes, we are able to offer steep discounts over custom-designed sites.

No Annual Fees

We like easy pricing structures, and we’re sure you do too.  We don’t charge annual maintenance fees on our products.  For a turnkey website, you pay the design fee and we turn everything over to you.  If you choose to host through us, all regular site maintenance is included in your monthly hosting fee, and you can cancel at any time.

There are never additional fees, unless you want to hire us to do more work or a special project.

Simple Designs and Navigation

Many organizations struggle with innovative ways to present their data.  We believe the best layout is the one your client will intuitively know how to use, and we strive to implement simple, content-forward solutions in our sites.

That means taking your most-visited pages and features and making them easily accessible, and guiding the user toward the features you want them to see.

Our approach for every project is different depending on the organization’s needs, but our guiding principle is the same: make the site easy to use, and people will use it.

Mobile-ready Designs

We use WordPress themes that are mobile-ready out of the box.  No need to set up a separate “m” subdomain – HTML5 and CSS3 have you (and your users) covered.

Non-Proprietary CMS

Anyone can use WordPress – and that’s to your advantage.  We don’t lock your data into a proprietary back-end CMS or force you to pay for custom-coded modules.  Everything we offer is publicly available, and we give you full control over your WordPress experience.

Your site is yours.  At GovDesign, our goal is to help you maximize that potential, without locking you into a system only we can control.

Read more about us and take a look at how we’ve helped other organizations. We’re confident GovDesign can meet your needs.