Colorado Association of Tax Appraisers

The Colorado Association of Tax Appraisers is a governmental nonprofit association of county-level tax professionals in Colorado.  The website is primarily oriented towards tracking users, maintaining contact and licensing information, and processing registrations for the group’s annual conference.

For the CATA redesign, the client requested preserving several features on the existing main page while improving the overall look-and-feel of the site.

We went through several design iterations but managed to find a theme that fit pretty well with the client’s goals. Much of this design is based on the Matheson theme, with some child theme modifications.

You can see the Search bar featured prominently in the top right sidebar, and a menu clearly delineated from regular content at the top.  We also implemented a user login and registration system, which the client uses to track user registrations and metadata.  Users can edit their own metadata and register for the group’s annual conference as well.



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