WordPress Updates and GovDesign

Yesterday afternoon, WordPress released version 3.9 of it’s venerable content management system. GovDesign exclusives utilizes WordPress to provide great websites for a great price.

Last night, I updated a client website to WordPress 3.9 (updating is built-in to all our hosting and maintenance plans here at GovDesign). WordPress 3.9 offers some great new features, but one immediately struck me: audio playlists. This client site has a page with MP3 files for a local band. Previously, I’d embedded six different MP3s on a page within WordPress, and let users click through one by one. There are other ways to do this (and some high-overhead plugins that do it much better), but I didn’t want to add to the overhead of the site for a single page. With the new release, I was ecstatic and immediately went to edit this page and include a playlist. In less than a dozen mouse clicks, I converted from six individual audio embeds to one playlist.

This is pretty incredible, when you remember the software to enable this was released less than 24 hours earlier. This is one of the many reasons we build websites on top of WordPress.

And this is one of the reasons we offer a different experience than other web design/hosting companies out there that work with governments. When we launch your website, you are not stuck on that version forever unless you pay us more. Through the maintenance period of our contract, we work diligently to roll out the newest version of WordPress and the features they offer.

When WordPress gains new features, so do you.

If you want to have a better, lower cost, web site experience, please reach out to us here. We would love to help your organization reach more people with a great website.

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