A Great Look for Your Gov Website

One of the reasons we utilize the WordPress content management system is because of its robust, active community following. As open source software, anyone can extend and add features to WordPress. The community rating and feedback system provides one of the safest, most effective ways of evaluating the quality of WordPress plugins and themes.

WordPress has great themes, including the default themes. More importantly for you, it is really easy to change themes and completely change the look of your website on the fly.

Just recently, a friend asked about how to find a theme designer for her WordPress blog on food. I pointed her to the Twenty Fourteen theme, which is highly customizable. Within 24 hours, she had the new theme running on her website, completely customized to fit her personality and taste. Take a look, it’s called Kitchen Casual and it looks great.

Here’s the benefit to you: most websites, especially government websites, adopt one look and rarely change. The look becomes dated, but it’s not until you completely re-do your website that the look changes. With WordPress, the content is separate from the look of your website and you can change the look with ease. Changing the theme allows you to leave your content alone and only change the look. And you can do it extremely quickly on the WordPress platform.  If you’re not using WordPress yet, you should definitely give it some thought.

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